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Port Washington Historical Society
Port Washington Centennial 1835-1935
See the complete booklet '1935 Port Washington Centennial'.  Click image left or link above.
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Historic Overview of Port Washington by Wikipedia
The area that became Port Washington was originally inhabited by the Sauk tribe of Native Americans, and later explored by the French in the late 17th century. In 1835, General Wooster Harrison became the town's first permanent settler, in what he originally named "Wisconsin City". Harrison later renamed the town "Washington".
Historic Overview of Port Washington
Today, Port Washington is the county seat of Ozaukee County and has in 1990 had a population of 9338. In 1835, though, when Wooster Harrison, the first settler of the land that was to become the city of Port Washington arrived, all this land was included within the boundaries of the larger and as yet undivided Washington County and was then without formal governmental organization. 
Port Washington Historic Walking Tours 
District recalls Port Washington's history
Burton's career in TV included 2 Emmys
Rita Burton realized her dreams, turning from a suburban Wisconsin teenager into a powerful figure in the television industry, and won two Emmy awards along the way.
City of Port Washington Historical Survey
This report documents an intensive architectural/historical survey of all resources located within an area that corresponds to the ... 
City Hall
The City of Port Washington takes great pride in its municipal facilities. The renovation of City Hall is the latest upgrade that improves the efficiency of City services. The renovation is the first to City Hall since its construction in 1958.
Eagle Still Flys
...Because a crane was needed to paint the tower area, it was suggested that the eagle on the top of the tower also be repainted...
Firefighters rescue 9 from historic building
Firefighters from eight Ozaukee County communities who responded to a Saturday morning fire helped rescue nine of the 23 residents ...
Fish Shanty
Port Washington could lose its last fish shanty when the historic building along the west slip is auctioned next month.
Friedens Evangelical Church
Incorporated in July of 1854, Friedens was the first Protestant church in Port Washington, Wisconsin. All worship and education was conducted in German until the 1920ís.
Grand Ave United Methodist Church
A comprehensive (and fascinating) history of the Grand Avenue Church was written and published in 1966 by Freda Matthies and Alma Maechtle.
Last Coal Boat
We Energies' Port Washington Power Plant will take its final coal delivery from Marine Vessel John J. Boland on Friday, June 18, 2004
By 1908, the basement of the Courthouse provided much needed space.  Six hundred borrowers frequented the public library in 1912; 294 children.
Lighthouses are fascinating structures and they become more fascinating when they are easily assessable. The Port Washington lighthouse is one that is easily assessable, but it does ...
Lights of Port Washington
Fourteen years after the founding of Port Washington our first lighthouse was built (1849). It stood atop the north bluff ("St. Mary’s Hill"), approximately in the ...
Light Station  - When Georges Calteaux promised two years ago that he would ask the grand duchy of Luxembourg to replace the tower and light at the Port Washington Light Station, the members of the Port Washington Historical Society started scrambling.
Light Station [Historic Beacon getting new life] For years, the small brick building perched on top of a hill was Port Washington's most visible landmark. The light from its tower helped sailors and fishermen plot their course along Lake Michigan.
Light Station Dedication
Local Blues Music -  "The Paramount recordings represent some of the most thrilling Delta blues ever recorded," said Bruce Iglauer, chief executive officer of the national blues label Alligator Records. "They are seminal recordings, capturing these blues artists at the peak of their creativity.
Loss of mill leave hole in city, hearts  Now that it's gone, almost everyone involved is lamenting the loss of a historic mill in downtown Port Washington that attracted little public attention before it was demolished last year.
Old Firehouse This one-story Fire Engine House was built in 1928 on the same site as the previous wood frame engine house, which it replaced. The designer of this Mediterranean Revival style...
Patriots Day 2002  - The President of the United States has declared Sept 11, 2002 as Patriots Day
Port Hotel - The City of Port Washington (formerly Washington City of Washington County) has a long history of fine hotels. The Port Hotel finds its roots dating back to the very beginning of our city when Martin F. Thomas and his wife Nancy purchased the land tract for $40.00.
Skeris' butcher shop outlasted them all in Port Washington - Bernie Skeris has been a fixture in downtown Port Washington for more than 60 years, even though he hasn't worked there since the mid-'80s.
Smith Bros. Fish Shanty Commercial fishing once was an important business in Port Washington. There were five such operations. Each had a fishing shack and a boat. Recently three of the shacks...
View of business section of Port Washington from south bluff View of downtown of Courthouse, Port Washington Fuel Co., Milwaukee Northern Railway, Opera House, Coal Docks, Power House, Gas Plant (circa 1910)
St Mary's Church Franklin Street in downtown Port Washington has several buildings with interesting features, but the highlight of this street scene is St. Mary's Catholic Church, which ...
St John's Lutheran Church - An investment group has agreed to buy St. John's Lutheran Church and Academy, a presence in the near downtown since 1913, and plans to raze the building to make room ...
Second call of Selectmen of Ozaukee County  "It is just a delightful little look at Port Washington, circa 1917."
Stubborn stack finally falls - Smoke tower at utility plant takes 31/2 hours to drop after blast
Port Summer Theatre - Past Productions back to 1966 of the annual Summer Musicals put on each summer
Wisconsin Chair Company -  Another Port Washington industry which never attained the dignity of 100 years is nevertheless worth mentioning because of the large number of people employed and its remarkable record of continuous work throughout the depression of the 1930s.
Wisconsin Street School  None of the buildings built in the nineteenth century as public schools by the Village and later by the City of Port Washington now survive. The first public school that served ...
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