Port Summer Theatre

August 3, 4 & 5, 1978

Past Productions

Ralph Lohse
Music Director
William Ross
Stage Manager
Donna Hunsicker
Dance Assistants
Tess Larzelere, Liz Trepel,
Bonnie McDaniel
Pippin People Orchestra Production Crew
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Time: 780 A.D. and thereabouts
Place: The Holy Roman Empire & Thereabouts


Gary Haseley - Piano
Robin Paradis - Organ
Jim Bathke - Guitar
Bob Watry - Percussion
Chris Roob - Violin
Terry Brown - Viola
Brad Edwards - Cello
Barb Bathke - Flute
Curt Eddy - Clarinet
Peter Angelos -French Horn
Sam Gieryn - Trombone
Dan Brunnquell - Trumpet
Rich Berthiaume - Trumpet


Special Thanks...
  • Edna Schaefer, Julie Ann Pincushion
  • Smith Bros. Restaurant
  • Ben Franklin Store
  • Heritage Publishing Co.
  • Port Washington School District
  • Port Washington Park & Recreation Department

Production Crew

Set Constructions

Mike Torti
Brad Edwards
Diane Kunz
Tim Bradley
Claire Flierl
Donna Hunsicker
Carol Adams
Donna Kay Kohls
Mary Hoffmann
Thomas Kohls
Cheri Holmer
Al Krick
Doug Ahsmann
Sue Heatwole
Pam Merry
Amy Berres
Anne Hoffmann
Peter Angelos


Cheri Holmer
Anne Hoffmann
Brian Miller
Amy Berres Pam Merry


Lynn Fasbender
Chris Jones
Carol Adams
Joanne Station
Dean Decent
Leslie Geib
Cindy Wulff
Vicki Eviston
Ann Bichler
Tierney Galleske
Lynn Fasbender
Donna Kay Kohls
Joanne Station
Marge Adams
Special Costume Pieces Designed by
Donna Kay Kohls
Costume Rental
Miller-Armstrong Services


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