Port Summer Theatre

August 8,9 & 10, 1974

Past Productions

Ralph Lohse
Assistant Director
Chris Schowalter
Cast Accompaniment Production Crew
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Setting: One day in the life of Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown Richard Schultz
Lucy Karen Merker
Schroeder Luke Bocher
Linus Charles Mackin
Patty Debra Dean
Snoopy Mark Angelos
Sally Carol Adams
Frieda Susan LaCrosse
Shermy Harold Sager



Connie Petesch Piano
Wesley Decker Percussion
Mark Angelos Percussion
Mary Beth Petesch Musical Assistance

Production Crew

Set Construction: Katy Schwantes, Wes Decker, Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Chris Angelos, Judy Schuknecht, Paul Mayer, Martha Boggs & Kimberly Kunz

Lighting: Dottie Gahan (Chair), Terry Nierode, Paul Mayer, Peggy Krainz and Bob Menigoz

Costumes: Jan Schuknecht (Chair), Nancy Brown, Judy Schuknecht and Alison Miller

Make Up: Amy Bley & Diane Wesa (Chair), Cathy Ross, Karen Erlwig, Lisa Medinger and Sharon Prom

Publicity: Peggy Krainz, Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Kathy Schwanz and Judy Schuknecht

Properties: Lisa Kohn (chair), Linda Krainz, Debbie Wagner and Denise Doucette

House Personnel: Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Cathy DeMerit, Martha Boggs and Nancy Brown

Special Assistance

Stage Mangers Kimberly Kunz
  Wesley Decker
Tickets Kathy Lohse
Poster Design Mark Wenzel
Overture Music Chris Angelos
  Kimberly Kunz

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